1. Read the CCSA Policies and Procedures and the Policy Agreement Form.

2. See Fees and Financial Aid to learn about program costs.

3. Please note the days and times for group classes, orchestra rehearsals, and parent classes.

4. Fill out the Register online page.

  1. Please note if you are renting an instrument and put the number from the case on the form.
  2. Indicate which group class(s) that you would like to take: Parent class, violin class, fiddle, etc.
  3. Indicate best day/times for lessons. Lesson times are determined on a first come, first served basis.

5. If you would like to apply for financial aid, please fill out the Financial Aid form and give the Student Evaluation for Financial Aid form to your private instructor (unless you are a new student).

6. Your registration is completed when you have done the following…

  1. Completed online Registration Form
  2. Financial Aid application (if applicable)
  3. A membership fee check for $85.

Your private instructor will contact you prior to the start of lessons to confirm a lesson day/time.

You will receive an invoice by the last week of August. Invoices are due upon receipt and will be considered past due after the term begins.

If you require a payment plan, please contact the CCSA office.