Learning Opportunities

Individual Lessons

Students receive one individual lesson per week. Lesson length depends on the level and age of the student but generally pre-school age students receive a 20 minute lesson, students in Book 1 receive a 30 minute lesson, student in Books 2-3 receive a 45 minute lesson and students in Book 4 and above receive a one hour lesson. A parent or guardian needs to attend each lesson and take notes as they will be helping the student work on the material throughout the week of practice at home. Parent involvement is vital to the success of the student. As the “home teacher” you will be learning how to play the violin (or viola, cello or piano) along with your child.

Group Lessons

Students are encouraged to participate in weekly or bi-monthly group lessons. The purpose of group lessons is to provide students with motivation, develop their self-confidence, teach them reading skills and music theory, and to have fun! Group lessons are often a student’s favorite music-related activity.  Younger or less advanced students benefit from the modeling provided by the older students, and the older students enjoy being leaders. The informal learning situation and practice in front of an “audience” increases the self-confidence of all of the students. Group lessons are also an excellent opportunity for parents to meet each other and share experiences. There is no extra fee for group classes for students enrolled in CCSA private lessons.

KYSO Reading Orchestra

The KYSO Reading Orchestra is for students who have been playing their instrument for at least one year and who are beginning to read music. As the student advances, having the opportunity to rehearse and perform with students of similar age and ability enhances their learning and motivation to practice. The focus of the KYSO Reading Orchestra is primarily on note reading, rhythm and musicianship but it is also intended to be fun!

KYSO Concert Orchestra

Students who can read music, but do not have the technical skills for KYSO are invited to rehearse and perform with the KYSO Concert Orchestra. These students are typically in book 2.  Students on KYSO Concert Orchestra work on skills such dynamics, following conductor, rhythm and playing as an ensemble. 

Keweenaw Youth Symphony (KYSO)

Students in Books 3 and up are invited to audition for the Keweenaw Youth Symphony Orchestra. This orchestra also includes students from the school band programs. Musicians will have the opportunity to play in a full symphony orchestra and study symphonic repertoire. Seating placement is determined by audition. Playing in an orchestra requires that all members be at every rehearsal. Promptness and weekly attendance at rehearsals is mandatory. Students are expected to be in their seats and ready to play by the scheduled rehearsal time. Please allow enough time to get to rehearsal and be ready to rehearse. It is important that the instructor is notified ahead of time if a student is going to be late or absent.

Chamber Music

Chamber Music is open to all violin students in Book 3 and up and all viola and cello students who are in mid-Book 2 and up. Students should be proficient at reading and be able to play in several keys. Students of similar ability will be placed in groups and rehearse weekly. The instructor will contact you regarding place and time.

Parent Classes

One of the best ways to help your child at home is to learn to play an instrument yourself. Parents will learn the correct posture, bow hold, note reading and tips for working with your children at home. Instrument rental is available at our regular rental fee. There is no extra fee for parent classes for parents with children enrolled in CCSA private lessons.

Music Together® at CCSA

Music Together is an early child, research based, multi-cultural program for children from birth through age 5 and their families that uses music and movement to develop innate musicality. Music Together teaches parents and caregivers how to incorporate music, movement and play in daily life. Each semester features new skills and music for families to enjoy. Class tuition includes a songbook, digital downloads, and CD that has all the songs used for the class, as well as access to Music Together’s resources for supporting families and musical development.

Music Together is a great first music experience for children and families. Both Music Together and Suzuki share the belief that listening and experiencing music is essential for developing musical skills. We are excited to offer this early childhood option as a stepping stone for young children on their musical journey.