Fees and Financial Aid for 2024-2025

Required annual membership fee: $90

The membership fee includes the following:

Suzuki group classes, classes, recitals, low-cost instrument rentals, workshops, Reading Orchestra, parent classes, additional rehearsals with accompanist/instructor, music printing, and additional supplies.

The membership fee is non-refundable.

Lesson Fees

(based on 16-week term)

Lesson LengthCostLevel
30 minutes$512 per termBeginner
45 minutes$768 per termBook 2 to early Book 4
1 hour$1024 per termBook 4 and up

​Keweenaw Youth Symphony Orchestra

OrchestrasCCSA MemberNon-Member
KYSO Prep Strings
(also known as Reading
Orchestra) or Concert Orchestra
Free if taking lessons/$100$200
KYSO Strings$100/Term$200/term
KYSO Non-Strings$100/Spring Term Only$150/Spring Only

Chamber Music Fees

Chamber music fees are based on the hourly fee and divided by the number of students — i.e. a string quartet would divide the hourly rate by four, and a duet by two.

Ensemble and Suzuki Group Classes

Suzuki group classes are intended as a complement to private instruction- not as a substitute for regular weekly private lessons. Students who wish to enroll in Suzuki group classes must also be taking private lessons. Students who wish to enroll in Adult Classes, or KYSO may do so without registering for private lessons.

Group ClassesCCSA MemberNon-Member
“Pre-Twinkle Class”FREEN/A
Piano Group ClassFREEN/A
Violin Book 1-2FREE if taking lessons/$100$200
Cello/Viola – Group AFREE if taking lessons/$100$200
Parent ClassesCCSA MemberNon-Member
Parent Violin ClassFREEN/A

Instrument Rental

InstrumentRental Per YearRental Per Term
Violin$165 per year$55 per term
Viola$165 per year$55 per term
Cello$201 per year$67 per term

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available for students needing assistance.


The Copper Country Suzuki Association welcomes applications for financial aid for students 18 and under at any level of musical experience. The CCSA is committed to diversity and does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, gender identification, sexual orientation, national origin, native language, religion, age, disability, marital status, citizenship, genetic information, pregnancy, or any other characteristic protected by law.

Factors that influence award decisions:

  • Need

Need is determined by considering the annual family income which includes income from all sources: adjusted gross income from the most recent tax year and the number of people in your household,   Extraordinary family circumstances such as a change in job status, death or illness, medical expenses, or extreme financial hardships.  

  • Commitment  

CCSA only considers students for financial aid who show commitment to their music education. Students must have a minimum attendance rate of 90%  at lessons, classes, and ensembles and must demonstrate progress to remain eligible. Students are expected to practice. 

Participation in fundraising and volunteer opportunities is encouraged and considered. 

  • Availability of aid

The CCSA is a nonprofit. The amount of financial aid available varies yearly depending on grants and fundraising. While CSSA accepts applications for financial aid all year long, the CCSA awards financial aid in the order that applications are received. 

Expectations for Financial Aid Recipients:

  • 90% attendance in all lessons, classes, and ensembles. 
  • Commitment to musical studies as demonstrated by consistent practice and listening, bringing music and instrument to lessons/classes and/or ensembles, participation in rehearsals, recitals, and concerts, and cooperation with the instructor. 
  • Timely tuition payment by the first lesson or as outlined in the payment plan agreement. 
  • Participation in fundraising, outreach, and special events. 
  • Volunteering to help at  CCSA events.

To apply, fill out the financial aid form, and send it in with your registration form. You will find detailed instructions on our registration page.