Fees and Financial Aid

Required annual membership fee: $110

(Early-bird membership fee is $85 before June 1)

The membership fee includes the following:

Suzuki group classes, fiddling classes, recitals, low-cost instrument rentals, workshops, Reading Orchestra, parent classes, additional rehearsals with accompanist/instructor, music printing, and additional supplies.

The membership fee is non-refundable.

Lesson Fees

(based on 16-week term)

Lesson Length Cost Level
30 minutes $424 per term Beginner
45 minutes $636 per term Book 2 to early Book 4
1 hour $848 per term Book 4 and up

Keweenaw Youth Symphony Orchestra

Orchestras CCSA Member Non-Member
KYSO Prep Strings $100 $200
KYSO Strings $200 $300
KYSO Non-Strings $100 $150

Chamber Music Fees

Chamber music fees are based on the hourly fee and divided by the number of students — i.e. a string quartet would divide the hourly rate by four, and a duet by two.

Instrument Rental

Instrument Rental Per Year Rental Per Term
Violin $156 per year $52 per term
Viola $156 per year $52 per term
Cello $196 per year $65 per term


Beginning students will automatically be charged for a Beginner’s Packet
for their respective instrument unless they notify their private instructor.

Violin/Viola Beginner’s Packet $26
(Includes Suzuki Method Book 1, CD, rosin, Sponge shoulder rest, and canvas bag)

Cello Beginner’s Packet $30
(Includes Suzuki Method Book 1, CD, rosin, rock stop, and canvas bag)

Piano Beginner’s Pack $30
(Includes Suzuki Method Book 1, three note-reading books, CD, and canvas bag)


Financial Aid

Financial is available for students needing assistance.

To apply, fill out the financial aid form, and send it in with your registration form. You will find detailed instructions on our registration page.