Getting Started

It is recommended that you call the CCSA office at (906) 523-5415 to confirm that there is space available before registering for lessons. If there is no space available, you can choose to be placed on our waiting list.

To enroll, please go to the Register page. If you are applying for financial aid, see Financial Aid below.

Mail your signed Policy Agreement Form and Registration Form with your membership fee to the address at the bottom of the registration form:

P.O. Box 161
Houghton, MI 49931

Deposits are not refundable after the first week of lessons.

How Long Will My Child’s Lesson Be and How Often Will It Take Place?

Private lessons meet once a week.

A beginning student should register for a 30-minute lesson. Moving to a longer lesson is determined by the instructor and is based upon the child’s progress and ability to focus for a longer period of time.

Group Classes

Students who participate in group classes must also be registered for private lessons.

In addition to the private lesson, students will be placed in a group class, orchestra or chamber ensemble.

New students should not register for a group class. Your private instructor will determine which group class will be best for your child.

The cost for group classes is included in the lesson fee; orchestras and chamber music require an additional fee.

Scheduling and Lesson Location

After we receive your registration form and deposit, you will be assigned to a private instructor who will contact you to arrange a lesson time and location.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available for students needing assistance.

To apply, print the Financial Aid Form and the Student Evaluation for Financial Aid form. Fill out out the Financial Aid form and sign the Student Evaluation for Financial Aid form and return these with your registration materials and deposit.

Missed Lessons

Lessons missed by the student are not made up for any reason. Lessons missed by the instructor will be made up or credited.

Instrument Rental

The CCSA rents instruments to students enrolled in lessons for a nominal fee; much less than violin shops in larger cities. (Please see Fees and Financial Aid for more information.)

Beginning students who are under the age of five years old do not begin with a real instrument but are given a pretend instrument to practice on for the first few weeks or months of study.

Parent Responsibilities/Time Commitment

Attendance by a parent or guardian is a requirement at all lessons and rehearsals for pre-teen students and is recommended for all students.

It is generally best if the parent who is going to be the “home teacher” is also the parent who attends the lessons. In this way, you can take notes for your child and learn along with them.

The time commitment at home can vary, but the general recommendation for practice is every day for same amount of time as the weekly lesson.

Recitals and Community Performances

The CCSA presents several performances during the school year. Students should plan on performing on two recitals per year.

Every student in the CCSA is required to play on the winter and spring concerts.

The CCSA presents approximately 20 community performances each year. Once a student has learned enough repertoire to participate they should plan on taking part in at least 2 community performances each year.